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Designed specifically for the unique needs of Behavioral Health Professionals

About ChartAssist

ChartAssist was started in 2009 to fill a much-needed gap in the Behavioral Health HIT Space. ChartAssist is not a generic EMR that strives to fill the needs of Behavioral health. ChartAssist is an end-to-end charting solution built around the special needs of behavioral health professionals and the patients they care for. No other system focuses more exclusively on behavioral health information technology than we do. Over the course of the past few years, ChartAssist has been working with key behavioral health providers and industry professionals to capture and facilitate the charting needs required to positively impact patient care while expediting the caregivers unique needs for charting. While behavioral health falls outside of the financial incentive benefits related to meaningful use, our users have adopted every aspect of ChartAssist. 100% charting compliance without financial incentive is truly a remarkable testament to what meaningful use is intended to be. So how did we do that? Our philosophy is to work hand in hand with the care professionals. We’ve spent countless hours building systems for specific workflows. Behavioral health professionals should not have to settle for an EMR that’s 50, 60 or 70 percent of what they need to accomplish their tasks. ChartAssist provides best practice workflows, rapid rollout, intuitive charting and a wonderfully engaging product right out of the box.

At ChartAssist, our goal is to bring behavioral healthcare IT to the forefront through user-friendly screens that allow clinicians to focus on the patient, not data entry. ChartAssist modules are designed to serve specific purposes and can be enabled a la carte per the facilities needs. ChartAssist uniquely offers the ability to generate flex forms, or “non standard, but needed” forms. This flexibility offers the end user a highly customizable solution that’s also easy to manage and modify. At ChartAssist, we provide a very regimented core set of templates and algorithms to get you up and running in a matter of days, not months or years. ChartAssist is tailored to the unique needs of any size facility large or small. ChartAssist is used in facilities as small as 2 care providers and as large as 1000. In either scenario, you have the ability to enable the most basic or most comprehensive solution set. Every one of our 3000 plus users is a reference. How many companies can say that? At ChartAssist, we stand proudly with our customers and they stand strongly with us. Our customers are our partners and we don’t use that term lightly. In fact, we don’t have a sales force and this website is the limited marketing we do. All of our customers come to us via reference. We allow customers to drive direction. Regulatory requirements are limited for behavioral health and while we are certainly focused on the impending need for heightened requirements, our development focuses on the best way to manage the patients in today’s real world environments. And yes, we are fans of meaningful use and the great enablement of technology it’s fostering across healthcare, but to some extent, Meaningful use has commoditized the EMR market and pushed most vendors to develop like systems. While this has an overall positive effect on our health system, it has also stiffened innovation across the industry. At ChartAssist, we feel strongly about doing things differently to be great, not just to be different. We also understand that adherence to national standards is crucial and as such, we comply with all interoperability standards and will comply with any ONC mandated requirements as they become available.

ChartAssist is a SaaS based solution that can be hosted on premise or remotely. There is no client install; no major hardware costs and our updates are done in real time.

Please schedule a visit or demo with us and experience for yourself the ChartAssist Difference.


ChartAssist is alone in the industry in that it is an EMR solution specifically tailored to the behavioral health environment, and is not a retrofit of an EMR solution from a general acute hospital or ambulatory setting. 

ChartAssist provides behavioral health clinicians the tools necessary for meeting the assessment, treatment planning, and treatment scheduling needs unique to their hospital or private practice. ChartAssist enables the user to extract the business intelligence necessary for risk management and outcomes evaluation of their patients, while still tracking the myriad variables and processes typical of all health system environments. 

 Nursing flow sheets, behavioral alerts, interfaces to existing pharmacy and lab systems are the base components of our solution. ChartAssist features also include all components necessary for comprehensive and complex bio-psycho-social assessments. Our treatment plans are constructed to facilitate the achievement of a patient's recovery goals, while providing measurable, observable and verifiable metrics to track progress toward those goals. A key enabler of our technology is an advanced task management and scheduling system that supports care coordination across all venues.

Integrates with existing EMR

ChartAssist can be interfaced to your existing EMR to add mental healthcare information management without having to change your core investment.


The ChartAssist dashboard allows clinicians to review one or many patient's information from several disciplines (Nursing, Pharmacy, Lab, Social Workers, etc.) resulting in better, faster, more accurate decisions.

Wasabi Task Management

One of the many exciting components of the ChartAssist portfolio is Wasabi Task Management. With Wasabi, the user can actively monitor patient data for alert conditions. Wasabi includes the ability to alert caregivers via text or email messages when exceptions are discovered and provides a very elegant escalation model to manage the handoff of key information or alerts. Wasabi can operate as a basic care coordination module alerting care providers when a patient has achieved certain milestones on their treatment plan, or simply provide notification of a patient leaving or entering a new facility or treatment scenario. This is care coordination done right. Managing the patient through their treatment plan whether they are an inpatient or an outpatient is powerful. Understanding precisely when a patient is non-compliant is key. We verify against activities, classes, and medication regimens. And finally, the ability to manage a patient long term in the community is key to their on-going well being. After all, your EMR should be helping you, not getting in your way.

Predictable Monthly Pricing

Clients can pay by bed count or by number of staff that are actively using the system. Our SaaS (Software As A Service) approach is the most appropriate option for an agency with changing staff needs.

ChartTap is the perfect mobile companion for your charting needs. Data is never stored locally on any mobile device making this a highly secure medium for charting on the go, in-group meetings, in private settings and ultimately, wherever you’d like. ChartTap adds a 10% premium to the price of your per user or enterprise license.

User Testimonial

The Individual Treatment and Rehabilitation Plan in ChartAssist is specifically tailored for psychiatric hospital settings, especially those of intermediate or longer stays. It is ideal to support patient-centered, outcome oriented treatment planning. It provides the opportunity for clinicians and patients to plan together what are important outcomes for each patient and then to outline specific objectives that relate to each outcome. Moreover, it is very flexible and easy to use. The visual presentation allows the user to readily see how objectives and interventions are related to each outcome. Outcomes, objectives, and interventions can be modified or revised quite easily, and the system allows the user to set periodic review dates and to document clearly objectives that have been achieved. This is a powerful tool for any psychiatric hospital setting.


ChartAssist uses a "Train The Trainer" methodology to educate and train all staff members on the use of the system. We are able to keep implementation costs low while directly integrating senior staff members with all phases of the system early in the rollout process. 

After go-live, our staff continues to work directly with facility leaders for ongoing adjustments as needed to insure a proper fit to the facility's workflow. Our trainers are also our support staff. Each member of our team knows the system inside and out and each will be a valued asset for you.


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